Friday, November 26, 2010


reckless trees

psycho killer

Female cow mounts
female cow
her udder attempts
penetration, frustrated
she feels only restriction
their estrogenic
piss polutes our water
they continue to be
tortured as milking
mothers with dead
Sexually frustrated they
rub heads and talk
to their second stomach
Piss polutes their grass
Piss polutes their milk
Piss polutes their meat
But at least that
Big Mac only cost $3.50
and the gorilla selling it
looks hot and the
wrapping is sustainable


what is the opposite
of imagination,
of ideas,
of critical thought,
of strategy,
at the least the cows
love each other -
At least the dogs
lick our wounds,
at least the rosemary
Sucks up our fumes,
at least the plants
create sugar,
at least the cows
produce butter,
at least we die
having earnt it.


James and Carrie have
a constellation of mould
on their ceiling
James smokes from a plastic
bong, inhaling
toxins more complex
than THC
Carrie attempts reform
with glass
but to no avail
when old, you die 'young'
according to your peers,
but it was just in time.

These are complex
satellites spying on
our youth.

in association with
the graffiti eradication
snails simply donot
stand a chance when
you decide to make
a box planter
No worms will writhe
when it rains -
they die,
Otaki tries.
deciduous trees oblique
with colour
A New World pursues
as we enhale artists
fumes we enhale
the fumes of